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Issue 8, 2013

  1. A probabalistic interpretation of a sequence related to Narayana polynomials
    Tewodros Amdeberhan, Victor Hugo Moll, Christophe Vignat Mail (pdf)

Issue 7, 2012

  1. Restricted arithmetic progressions over finite fields
    Brian Cook and Ákos Magyar (pdf)

  2. Asymptotic probability distribution of some permutation statistics for the wreath product $C_r\wr\mathfrak{S}_n$
    Chak-On Chow and Toufik Mansour (pdf)

  3. Counting fixed-length permutation patterns
    Cheyne Homberger (pdf)

Issue 6, 2011

  1. Automatic asymptotics for coefficients of smooth, bivariate rational functions
    Tim DeVries, Joris van der Hoeven, and Robin Pemantle (pdf)

  2. Centrosymmetric words avoiding 3-letter permutation patterns
    Luca S. Ferrari (pdf)

  3. Enumerating finite set partitions according to the number of connectors
    Toufik Mansour and Mark Shattuck (pdf)

  4. Asymptotics of coefficients of multivariate generating functions: improvements for multiple points
    Alexander Raichev and Mark C. Wilson (pdf)

  5. Some properties of a new class of generalized Cauchy numbers
    Feng-Zhen Zhao (pdf)

Issue 5, 2010

  1. Adelic constructions of low descrepancy sequences
    Mordechay B. Levin (pdf)

  2. Some implications of Chu's 10ψ10 extension of Bailey's 6ψ6 formula
    James McLaughlin, Andrew V. Sills, and Peter Zimmer (pdf)

  3. Popular difference sets
    Tom Sanders (pdf)

  4. On a theorem of Shkredov
    Tom Sanders (pdf)

  5. On Fuglede's conjecture for three intervals
    Debashish Bose, C. P. Anil Kumar, R. Krishan, Shobha Madan (pdf)

  6. Polynomial largeness of sumsets and totally ergodic sets
    Alexander Fish (pdf)

  7. Statistics on permutations
    Toufik Mansour, Yidong Sun (pdf)

  8. Geometric construction of metaplectic covers of GLn in characteristic zero
    Richard Hill (pdf)

Issue 4, 2009

  1. Analytic Extension of Hyperharmonic Numbers
    István Mezö (pdf)

  2. The asymptotic volume of the Birkhoff polytope
    E. Rodney Canfield and Brendan D. McKay (pdf)

  3. Avoiding permutation patterns of type (2,1) in compositions
    Sylvia Heubach, Toufik Mansour and Augustine O. Munagi (pdf)

  4. On sumsets of dissociated sets
    Shkredov I.D. (pdf)

  5. Hankel operators plus orthogonal polynomials yield combinatorial identities
    E. A. Herman (pdf)

  6. On the average profile of symmetric digital search trees
    Charles Knessl and Wojciech Szpankowski (pdf)

  7. Integral orthogonal bases of small height for real polynomial spaces
    Lenny Fukshansky (pdf)

Issue 3, 2008

  1. Slices, Slabs, and Sections of the Unit Hypercube
    Jean-Luc Marichal and Michael J. Mossinghoff (pdfps)

  2. An Elementary Proof of Thomae’s Formulae
    Amichai Eisenmann and Hershel M. Farkas (pdfps)

  3. Garaev’s Inequality in Finite Fields not of Prime Order
    Nets Hawk Katz and Chun-Yen Shen (pdfps)

  4. An Extension of Behrend’s Theorem
    Paul H. Koester (pdfps)

  5. Longest Alternating Subsequences in Pattern-Restricted k-ary Words
    Toufik Mansour (pdfps)

  6. On the Signed Small Ball Inequality
    Dmitriy Bilyk, Michael Lacey and Armen Vagharshakyan (pdfps)

  7. The Discrepancy of a Needle on a Checkerboard
    Mihail N. Kolountzakis (pdf ps)

Issue 2, 2007

  1. On a Balanced Property of Compositions
    Miklós Bóna (pdfps • dvi)

  2. On an Argument of Shkredov on Two-Dimensional Corners
    Michael T. Lacey and William McClain (pdfps • dvi)

  3. On the recursion relation of Motzkin numbers of higher rank
    Matthias Schork (pdf ps • dvi)

  4. Combinatorial sequences arising from a rational integral
    Victor H. Moll (pdf ps • dvi)

  5. New combinatorial interpretations of some mock theta functions
    A.K. Agarwal (pdf ps •dvi)

  6. On the Decay of the Fourier Transform and Three Term Arithmetic Progressions
    Ernie Croot (pdfps • dvi)

Issue 1, 2006

  1. Sums of Squares and Triangular Numbers
    Hershel M. Farkas (pdfpsdvi)

  2. Fixed Points of Maps on the Space of Rational Functions
    Edward Mosteig (pdfpsdvi)

  3. A remark on Bourgain's distributional inequality on the Fourier spectrum of Boolean functions
    Hamed Hatami (pdfpsdvi)

  4. On the determination of sets by their triple correlation in finite cyclic groups
    Tamàs Keleti and Mihail N. Kolountzakis (pdfpsdvi)

  5. Lebesgue Constants of Multiple Fourier Series
    E.R. Liflyand (pdfpsdvi)
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