UR Grad Student Chapter of the American Mathematical Society

The graduate student chapter is largely inactive as of Fall 2022. However, the undergraduate mentoring program and the graduate student seminar are both still active. Information can be found on their respecitve pages.

We organize and coordinate various events for the graduate students of the math department at the University of Rochester. We also help graduate students with academic and personal matters. We are part of the American Mathematical Society’s graduate student chapter program and also an official graduate student organization within the university’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Mission statement

The mission of the University of Rochester graduate student chapter of the AMS is informed by the objectives of the American Mathematical Society (AMS). To wit, the chapter seeks to further the interests of mathematical scholarship and research, to create an inclusive community among graduate students that welcomes and supports students coming from different cultures and backgrounds, to encourage graduate students to talk about their research more publicly and explain their research outside of academia, to create bonds with graduate students studying related fields in other departments and stay updated with current related research topics outside of pure mathematics, to increase awareness of career opportunities and help mathematics graduate students broaden their career goals, and to provide and make available tools and resources that graduate students might need in their future careers.


While the chapter is inactive, if you need information about graduate student information, contact

  • Donovan Snyder
  • Mailing address:
    AMS graduate student chapter
    University of Rochester
    915 Hylan Building
    P.O. Box 270138
    Rochester, NY 14627