Spring 2024

  • Our next luncheon will be in April.

Fall 2023

  • We joined the Walktober challenge which is a friendly walking competition, a part of Well-U activities of University of Rochester.

  • Women Luncheon will happen on Friday, September 21, 2023, 12:00 - 1:00 pm in RC-Rush Rhees Library-202-Humanities Center-Conference Room D.

Here is key points about the luncheon written by Professor Sema Salur:

The Women in Math Luncheon, which took place on September 21, was organized to bring women in mathematics together. This event, funded by the UR Math Department and supported by the DEI committee, aimed to promote inclusivity, encourage networking, and provide support within our university. During the luncheon, women from various UR offices and our math department came together in a warm and genuine atmosphere to share experiences and discuss important ideas. This report outlines the main topics and results of the event:

Summary of the Luncheon:

The Women in Math Luncheon was a great success, primarily due to the friendly and cozy atmosphere it provided. Women from various offices and math departments gathered to introduce themselves and engage in open and sincere conversations. The following are the main highlights: Introduction and Connection: Participants began the luncheon by intro- ducing themselves, instantly creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Women shared their personal and professional journeys in the field of mathematics. The sharing of experiences allowed for mutual understanding and empathy among attendees.

Key Initiatives Discussed:

During the luncheon, several valuable initiatives were proposed and discussed:

  1. Setting up a Women in Math Web Page: The idea of creating a web page similar to those available at other institutions was discussed. This web page could serve as a valuable resource for women in mathematics.
  2. Encouraging Undergraduates: Attendees suggested encouraging undergraduate students to attend conferences to gain exposure to math research and career opportunities.
  3. Bringing Non-Academic Speakers: There was a proposal to coordinate with the Greene Center to invite speakers who have non-academic careers in mathematics. This would help students understand the diversity of career paths available.
  4. Establishing an Undergraduate AWM Chapter: The formation of an undergraduate chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) was considered. This could provide a platform for inviting speakers and fostering a supportive community.
  5. Continuing Meetings: Attendees recognized the strong interest both within and outside the department for supporting women in math. The conclusion was that similar events should be repeated to strengthen connections and support networks.


The Women in Math Luncheon showed how important it is to create spaces where women in mathematics can connect, share experiences, and discuss initiatives to support their academic and professional lives. The cozy and sincere environment provided meaningful conversations, leading to valuable proposals such as setting up a web page, encouraging undergraduates, inviting non-academic speakers, establishing an undergraduate AWM chapter, and continuing such meetings. These initiatives are crucial for improving connections and promoting gender diversity in our department and in the field of mathematics. We look forward to organizing similar events in the future to further strengthen the community and support for women in math.