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Message from the Founding Editors

An exciting new branch of mathematics is emerging at the intersection of analysis, combinatorics, and number theory. The last decade has seen an impressive array of results bringing various parts of these fields together, through newly discovered connections and analogies, ingenious combinations of techniques from different areas, and their applications to a wide variety of problems. There is an unprecedented level of collaboration between analysts and combinatorialists, interested in closely related questions but approaching them from different points of view. This has already opened highly promising new directions in research, where further significant developments are certain to be expected. To give just a few examples:

Our decision to launch OJAC was motivated by the growing need for a journal dedicated to publishing this type of work. While there are many excellent existing journals specializing in analysis, number theory, or geometric combinatorics, our particular focus will be on contributions which "live in between" these fields. We feel that this will complement well the existing publications, while providing the necessary outlet for those papers of a more interdisciplinary nature which may be hard to classify and difficult to evaluate by the standards of only one area of mathematics.

We have assembled an editorial board of mathematicians whose collective expertise will cover the somewhat eclectic scope of the journal. We hope to ensure a competent and fair refereeing process, timely publication, and easy world-wide access to all published articles. At a later date, we may consider publishing a printed version of the journal, but only if it can be done without compromising our principles.

Founding editors:
Alex Iosevich (managing editor), Izabella Laba (editor), Sinai Robins (managing editor)
June 2005 (Message modified slightly in October 2012).

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