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Issue 17, 2022

  1. Densities of length spectral partitions of natural numbers
    Benjamin Garcia Morales and Wai Yan Pong (pdf)

  2. Convolutions between Bernoulli/Euler polynomials and Pell/Lucas polynomials
    Dongwei Guo and Wenchang Chu (pdf)

  3. Identities involving sum of divisors, integer partitions and compositions
    Mateus Alegri (pdf)

  4. Symmetric and asymmetric peaks in compositions
    Toufik Mansour, Andres R. Moreno, and José L. Ramírez (pdf)

  5. The VC-Dimension of a class of multiples of the primes and a connection to AdaBoost
    Andrew M. Thomas (pdf)

  6. Infinite log-convexity
    Tewodros Amdeberhan and Victor H. Moll (pdf)

Issue 16, 2021

  1. On the c-dominating Estrada index of a graph
    Akbar Jahanbani and Hajar Shooshtari (pdf)

  2. The inner site-perimeter of bargraphs
    Aubrey Blecher, Charlotte Brennan, and Arnold Knopfmacher (pdf)

  3. Proof of some combinatorial identities by an analytic method
    Sung Sik U and Kyu Song Chae (pdf)

  4. Germ order for one-dimensional packings
    Aaron Abrams, Henry Landau, Zeph Landau, Jamie Pommersheim, James Propp, and Alexander Russell (pdf)

  5. On the r-derangements of type B
    István Mező, Victor H. Moll, José Ramírez, and Diego Villamizar (pdf)

  6. Subspaces of tensors with high analytic rank
    Jop Briët (pdf)

  7. A new class of symmetric functions of binary products of tribonacci numbers and other well-known numbers
    Mourad Chelgham, Ali Boussayoud, and Kasi Viswanadh V. Kanuri (pdf)

  8. Sum-free sets which are closed under multiplicative inverses
    Katherine Benjamin (pdf)

  9. A combinatorial characterization of the generalized exponential and Fubini polynomials
    Emanuele Munarini (pdf)

  10. On polynomials associated to product and composition of generating functions
    Mouloud Goubi (pdf)

  11. Additive features of determinant values over p-adic rings
    Ben Lichtin (pdf)

Issue 15, 2020

  1. The coset and stability rings
    Tom Sanders (pdf)

  2. On some polynomials applied to the theory of hyperbolic differential equations
    Miloud Mihoubi and Madjid Sahari (pdf)

  3. Some domination properties of the total graph of a module with respect to singular submodule
    Jituparna Goswami (pdf)

  4. A framework for constructing sets without configurations
    Robert Fraser (pdf)

  5. Convolution conditions for the q-analogue classes of Janowski functions
    Hamid Shamsan and S. Latha (pdf)

  6. Some large polyominoes' perimeter: a stochastic analysis
    Guy Louchard (pdf)

  7. The binomial coefficient C(n,x) for arbitrary x
    Stuart T. Smith (pdf)

  8. Protected vertices in Motzkin trees
    Anthony Van Duzer (pdf)

  9. The polygonal cylinder and its Hosoya polynomial
    Abdul Rauf Nizami, Asim Naseem, and Hafiz Muhammad Waqar Ahmed (pdf)

  10. Limit shapes of stable and recurrent configurations of a generalized Bulgarian solitaire
    Kimmo Eriksson, Markus Jonsson, and Jonas Sjöstrand (pdf)

  11. New insight into results of Ostrowksi and Lang on sums of remainders using Farey sequences
    Matthias Kunik (pdf)

  12. Vertex-degree based eccentric topological descriptors of zero divisor graphs of finite commutative rings
    Ali Ahmad (pdf)

  13. Hub edge-integrity of graphs
    Sultan Senan Mahde and Veena Mathad (pdf)

  14. Generalized Fibonacci-Pell hybrinomials
    Anetta Szynal-Liana and Iwona Włoch (pdf)

  15. The Hosoya polynomial, Wiener index, and Hyper-Wiener index of Jahangir Graph J8,m
    Ramy Shaheen, Suhail Mahfud, and Qays Alhawat (pdf)

Issue 14, 2019

  1. Diophantine equations for analytic functions
    Safoura Zadeh (pdf)

  2. The block energy of a graph
    B. Sharada, Mohammad Issa Sowaity, and Ahmed M. Naji (pdf)

  3. On some identities and generating functions for k-Pell sequences and Chebychev polynomials
    Ali Boussayoud and Souhilas Boughaba (pdf)

  4. A continuous analogue of lattice path enumeration: Part II
    Tanay Wakhare and Christophe Vignat (pdf)

  5. On cyclic orthogonal double cover of circulant graphs by the disjoint union of coronas
    R. El-Shanawany (pdf)

  6. Callan-like identities
    Emanuele Munarini (pdf)

  7. Edge hub number in graphs
    Shadi Ibrahim Khalaf, Veena Mathad, and Sultan Senan Mahde (pdf)

  8. Approximating real-rooted and stable polynomials, with combinatorial applications
    Alexander Barvinok (pdf)

  9. Log-concavity of two sequences related to Cauchy numbers of two kinds
    Rui-Li Liu and Feng-Zhen Zhao (pdf)

  10. On mutually orthogonal certain graph squares
    R. El-Shanawany and Ahmed Al-Mesady (pdf)

Issue 13, 2018

  1. Approximate homomorphisms between the Boolean cube and groups of prime order
    Tom Sanders (pdf)

  2. Enumerating symmetric and non-symmetric peaks in words
    Walaa Asakly (pdf)

  3. Zeta series generating function transformations related to generalized Stirling numbers and partial sums of the Hurwitz zeta function
    Maxie D. Schmidt (pdf)

  4. Several explicit formula of sums and hyper-sums of powers of integers
    Fouad Bounebirat, Diffalah Laissaoui, and Mourad Rahmani (pdf)

  5. Pattern occurrence statistics and applications to the Ramsey theory of unavoidable patterns
    Jim Tao (pdf)

  6. The water capacity of integer compositions
    Aubrey Blecher, Charlotte Brennan, and Arnold Knopfmacher (pdf)

  7. Multisection method for Apéry-like series
    Wenchang Chu and Flavia Lucia Esposito (pdf)

Issue 12, 2017

  1. On some identities and generating functions for Pell-Lucas numbers
    Ali Boussayoud (pdf)

  2. Zeta series generating function transformations related to polylogarithm functions and the k-order harmonic numbers
    Maxie D. Schmidt (pdf)

  3. On the lower bound of the discrepancy of (t,s)-sequences: II
    Mordechay B. Levin (pdf)

  4. On the number of dot products determined by a large set and one of its translates in finite fields
    Giorgis Petridis (pdf)

  5. Four variants of the Fourier-analytic transference principle
    Sean Prendiville (pdf)

  6. Walls in bargraphs
    Aubrey Blecher, Charlotte Brennan, and Arnold Knopfmacher (pdf)

  7. A q-symmetric algorithm and its applications to some combinatorial sequences
    Istvan Mező and José Ramírez (pdf)

  8. The asymptotic number of simple singular vector tuples of a cubical tensor
    Jay Pantone (pdf)

  9. Inverse-conjugate compositions into parts of size at most k
    Yu-Hong Guo and Augustine O. Munagi (pdf)

  10. Number of singletons in involutions of large size: a central range and large deviation analysis
    Guy Louchard (pdf)

  11. A note on a sumset in Z2k
    Octavio A. Agustín-Aquino (pdf)

Expository-research papers

  1. Irreducible factors of the q-Lah numbers over Z
    Qing Zou (pdf)

Issue 11, 2016

  1. An arithmetic analogue of Fox's triangle removal argument
    Pooya Hatami, Sushant Sachdeva, and Madhur Tulsani (pdf)

  2. Combinatorial analysis of integer power product expansions
    H. Gingold and Jocelyn Quaintance (pdf)

  3. A relative Roth theorem in dense subsets of sparse pseudorandom fractals
    Marc Carnovale (pdf)

  4. Note on packing patterns in colored permutations
    Matthew Just and Hua Wang (pdf)

  5. Mixed r-Stirling numbers of the second kind
    Daniel Yaqubi, Madjid Mirzavaziri, and Yasin Saeednezhad (pdf)

  6. Representing random permutations as the product of two involutions
    Charles Burnette and Eric Schmutz (pdf)

  7. Counting staircases in integer compositions
    Aubrey Blecher and Toufik Mansour (pdf)

Expository-research papers

  1. Trigonometric formulae via telescoping method
    Wenchang Chu (pdf)

Issue 10, 2015

  1. Asymptotics of the Eulerian numbers revisited: A large deviation analysis
    Guy Louchard (pdf)

  2. Note on the coefficients of rational Ehrhart quasi-polynomials of Minkowski-sums
    Martin Henk and Eva Link (pdf)

  3. On rapid generation of SL2(Zq)
    Jeremy Chapman and Adriano Marzullo (pdf)

  4. Six proofs for an identity of the Lah numbers
    Bai-Ni Guo and Feng Qi (pdf)

  5. Enumeration rises according to parity in compositions
    Walaa Asakly and Toufik Mansour (pdf)

  6. Expository-research papers

  7. Squaring and not squaring one or more planes
    Frederick V. Henle and James M. Henle (pdf)

Issue 9, 2014

  1. Sum of positions of records in random permutations: asymptotic analysis
    Guy Louchard (pdf)

  2. Enumerating graph depletions
    Byron C. Jaeger and Thomas M. Lewis (pdf)

  3. Counting pairs of words according to the number of common rises, levels, and descents
    Toufik Mansour and Mark Shattuck (pdf)

  4. On computational complexity of plan curve invariants
    Fedor Duzhin and Biaoshuai Tao (pdf)

  5. Recurrence and non-uniformity of bracket polynomials
    Matthew C. H. Tointon (pdf)

  6. The expected shape of random doubly alternating Baxter permutations
    Theodore Dokos and Igor Pak (pdf)

  7. Multiple isolation of nodes in recursive trees
    Markus F. Kuba and Alois Panholzer (pdf)

Issue 8, 2013

  1. A probabalistic interpretation of a sequence related to Narayana polynomials
    Tewodros Amdeberhan, Victor H. Moll, and Christophe Vignat (pdf)

  2. Generalization of a statistic on linear domino arrangements
    Toufik Mansour and Mark Shattuck (pdf)

  3. Some properties of cyclic flats of an infinite matroid
    Hua Mao (pdf)

  4. Lattice point counting and height bounds over number fields and quaternion algebras
    Lenny Fukshansky and Glenn Henshaw (pdf)

  5. Euler-Frobenius numbers and rounding
    Svante Janson (pdf)

  6. Ergodic-theoretic implementations of the Roth density-increment argument
    Tim Austin (pdf)

Issue 7, 2012

  1. Restricted arithmetic progressions over finite fields
    Brian Cook and Ákos Magyar (pdf)

  2. Asymptotic probability distribution of some permutation statistics for the wreath product $C_r\wr\mathfrak{S}_n$
    Chak-On Chow and Toufik Mansour (pdf)

  3. Counting fixed-length permutation patterns
    Cheyne Homberger (pdf)

Issue 6, 2011

  1. Automatic asymptotics for coefficients of smooth, bivariate rational functions
    Tim DeVries, Joris van der Hoeven, and Robin Pemantle (pdf)

  2. Centrosymmetric words avoiding 3-letter permutation patterns
    Luca S. Ferrari (pdf)

  3. Enumerating finite set partitions according to the number of connectors
    Toufik Mansour and Mark Shattuck (pdf)

  4. Asymptotics of coefficients of multivariate generating functions: improvements for multiple points
    Alexander Raichev and Mark C. Wilson (pdf)

  5. Some properties of a new class of generalized Cauchy numbers
    Feng-Zhen Zhao (pdf)

Issue 5, 2010

  1. Adelic constructions of low descrepancy sequences
    Mordechay B. Levin (pdf)

  2. Some implications of Chu's 10ψ10 extension of Bailey's 6ψ6 formula
    James McLaughlin, Andrew V. Sills, and Peter Zimmer (pdf)

  3. Popular difference sets
    Tom Sanders (pdf)

  4. On a theorem of Shkredov
    Tom Sanders (pdf)

  5. On Fuglede's conjecture for three intervals
    Debashish Bose, C. P. Anil Kumar, R. Krishan, Shobha Madan (pdf)

  6. Polynomial largeness of sumsets and totally ergodic sets
    Alexander Fish (pdf)

  7. Statistics on permutations
    Toufik Mansour, Yidong Sun (pdf)

  8. Geometric construction of metaplectic covers of GLn in characteristic zero
    Richard Hill (pdf)

Issue 4, 2009

  1. Analytic Extension of Hyperharmonic Numbers
    István Mezö (pdf)

  2. The asymptotic volume of the Birkhoff polytope
    E. Rodney Canfield and Brendan D. McKay (pdf)

  3. Avoiding permutation patterns of type (2,1) in compositions
    Sylvia Heubach, Toufik Mansour and Augustine O. Munagi (pdf)

  4. On sumsets of dissociated sets
    Shkredov I.D. (pdf)

  5. Hankel operators plus orthogonal polynomials yield combinatorial identities
    E. A. Herman (pdf)

  6. On the average profile of symmetric digital search trees
    Charles Knessl and Wojciech Szpankowski (pdf)

  7. Integral orthogonal bases of small height for real polynomial spaces
    Lenny Fukshansky (pdf)

Issue 3, 2008

  1. Slices, Slabs, and Sections of the Unit Hypercube
    Jean-Luc Marichal and Michael J. Mossinghoff (pdfps)

  2. An Elementary Proof of Thomae’s Formulae
    Amichai Eisenmann and Hershel M. Farkas (pdfps)

  3. Garaev’s Inequality in Finite Fields not of Prime Order
    Nets Hawk Katz and Chun-Yen Shen (pdfps)

  4. An Extension of Behrend’s Theorem
    Paul H. Koester (pdfps)

  5. Longest Alternating Subsequences in Pattern-Restricted k-ary Words
    Toufik Mansour (pdfps)

  6. On the Signed Small Ball Inequality
    Dmitriy Bilyk, Michael Lacey and Armen Vagharshakyan (pdfps)

  7. The Discrepancy of a Needle on a Checkerboard
    Mihail N. Kolountzakis (pdf ps)

Issue 2, 2007

  1. On a Balanced Property of Compositions
    Miklós Bóna (pdfps • dvi)

  2. On an Argument of Shkredov on Two-Dimensional Corners
    Michael T. Lacey and William McClain (pdfps • dvi)

  3. On the recursion relation of Motzkin numbers of higher rank
    Matthias Schork (pdf ps • dvi)

  4. Combinatorial sequences arising from a rational integral
    Victor H. Moll (pdf ps • dvi)

  5. New combinatorial interpretations of some mock theta functions
    A.K. Agarwal (pdf ps •dvi)

  6. On the Decay of the Fourier Transform and Three Term Arithmetic Progressions
    Ernie Croot (pdfps • dvi)

Issue 1, 2006

  1. Sums of Squares and Triangular Numbers
    Hershel M. Farkas (pdfpsdvi)

  2. Fixed Points of Maps on the Space of Rational Functions
    Edward Mosteig (pdfpsdvi)

  3. A remark on Bourgain's distributional inequality on the Fourier spectrum of Boolean functions
    Hamed Hatami (pdfpsdvi)

  4. On the determination of sets by their triple correlation in finite cyclic groups
    Tamàs Keleti and Mihail N. Kolountzakis (pdfpsdvi)

  5. Lebesgue Constants of Multiple Fourier Series
    E.R. Liflyand (pdfpsdvi)
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