Information for Authors and Readers

Scope of Journal

OJAC publishes papers on a wide range of topics, from analysis to number theory and combinatorics, with emphasis on the convergence and interactions between these fields. We particularly welcome articles which may have one of the following features:

While our main focus is on original research articles, from time to time we will publish high quality research-expository papers on topics of significant interest to the OJAC community. Prospective authors are encouraged to consult the editors in advance regarding the subject area and preparation of such papers. Here are some possible types of submissions for this section:

We also encourage submission of short letters (1-3 pages) describing open research problems of current interest that fall within the scope of the journal. The first 1-2 pages should contain a good description of the subject matter, and the rest should articulate a clearly posed question to be resolved.

Submission of Articles

To be considered for publication, papers should be submitted electronically via an email with [OJAC] [submission] in the subject heading to the address in PDF or PostScript format. If the paper has been posted on the arXiv, the authors may submit it by providing the arXiv link instead of sending the file.

All contributions will be peer-refereed under the direction of our Editorial Board. Authors are encouraged to indicate the names of the editors whose expertise covers the subject area of the paper.

Upon acceptance, the authors will be asked to send us the LaTeX file, prepared in accordance with our formatting requirements and any other files needed to compile it.

Copyright Policy

By submitting a manuscript, the authors acknowledge that it is original, has not been previously published in any form except as a preprint, and that it has not been and will not be concurrently submitted for publication anywhere else. Upon acceptance of the article in its final form, the authors will be asked to sign our copyright agreement (click here). The papers will be published as soon as possible after the agreement is signed and returned.

OJAC complies with the AMS policy on electronic journals ( Once a paper is published on the OJAC web page, it is considered to be in its final form and cannot be revised, except that an updated bibliography may be posted later as a separate file linked to the original article.

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